The sponsors and organizers of the Second Annual Memphis Blight Elimination Summit would like to recognize some exceptional individuals and projects in our neighborhood that have made a meaningful, sustained, positive difference in the fight against blight.

Specifically, we are asking the public to nominate potential honorees in four categories:

Leadership Impact Award. An individual who has consistently performed exceptional work over a number of years to successfully and sustainably reduce blight in our community.

Grassroots Leader of the Year. An individual working at the neighborhood level who's efforts are reducing blight in our community.

Residential Property of the Year. A single-family home, duplex, apartment building, or other residential dwelling that is being maintained at a very high level and whose aesthetics are improving the quality of life throughout the rest of the neighborhood.

Commercial Property of the Year. A commercial building, such as a retail storefront, or office building, that is making a clear and positive difference to the aesthetics, livability, and safety in its area.

You will be asked to select from one of these four categories and submit as much information as you have, including photographs or other supporting material, to make your case. The sponsors and steering committee of the Blight Summit will make their selections by April 30, and will notify all honorees and their nominators at that time.

Honorees will be recognized during an awards ceremony at the Blight Summit, May 17 at Clayborn Temple.

Thank you in advance!

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Please spread the word and encourage others to nominate the people and properties that are helping to fight blight by sharing this survey on your social media channels.

Don't forget -- the Second Annual Blight Elimination Summit will be Wednesday, May 17 at 11:00am at Clayborn Temple. Click the button below to reserve your tickets.

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